State of Space

S.o.S is the creative direction, interior design and commercial consulting arm of Amanda’s practice. She’s been curating spaces and experiences for the last two decades. Working with Roosevelt Hotel, Amanda made Teddy’s one of LA’s best clubs. Amanda helped to rebrand A&E, creative directing and photographing their “Brave Storytellers” campaign. Aesop also engaged Amanda to creative direct their 2018 product release campaign. Pulling on her experience across the creative spectrum in music, production, photography and fine art, Amanda works to tell stories by creating worlds filling them out with organic characters.

Aesop 2017 Campaign

Basic background textures put the focus on natural skin and flesh tones.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.44.48 PM.png


Brave Storytellers is a series of videos and promotion content created around the reality stars of A&E. Working to develop a sophisticated, raw story that focused on the quest for truth.


Music Consulting and Supervision

For films such as Garden State and Blow and television shows like Freaks and Geeks

Roosevelt Hotel

Design, flow and programming for Teddy’s and Tropicana at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA.